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Shredder Spotlight Feature February 2022 Edition: 

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"As global supply chain issues continue and other countries accept reduced material from the U.S. more recyclables are being shredded and separated for domestic repurposing. We’ve noticed this especially, within the plastic industry. Each of our Roto-Grind model shredders have a horizontal 20 hp ram, which does an exceptional job maintaining the most efficient throughput, as it is metered via the load amperage/pressure in relation to the shredder’s motor. The horizontal feed also helps to eliminate excessive bridging of material so you will achieve better throughput. Along with our horizontal ram, we also offer multiple blade sizes and configurations which again, help our customers to better dial in on the perfect machine for their application,” explained Granutech's national sales manager for the company’s new Cutter Division.
American Recycler
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February 2022  

As Seen in March 2020 Edition:

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"For the plastics industry specifically, our customers have had great success with our Roto-Grind Series single shaft shredders. Available since the early 1990s, the series includes a heavy duty, high volume, very low maintenance shredder, offered as electric and hydraulic and in 4 different models – the M80, M110, M160 and M240. Available from 60HP to 400HP, these shredders are built to last, as some of our earliest models are still in operation today. With a horizontal ram and feed bin, our roto-grind shredder offers a very quick, efficient metered feeding system. The machine allows for increased rotational cutter access to the material being processed, which increases output volume."
- Granutech spokesman
American Recycler
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March 2020  

As featured in Recycling Product News - February 2020: “Granulator Q&A with Granutech-Saturn”

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"RPN:How can the addition of a granulator benefit recyclers of plastics, tires and other materials?"

GRANUTECH: Granulators can help recyclers generate products that will open them up to different markets, giving them more options for their product as market conditions and demand change over time. This flexibility is what allows processors to follow market demands and trends, and maximize the value from their machinery investment.

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