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Industrial Rubber Grinders and Granulators

Granutech’s complete line of Saturn grinders and granulators will generate extremely clean rubber from shredded scrap tires while achieving separation of the tire wire. The Saturn Grizzly grinders have a long history of high performance and low operating costs. The Super 80 Grizzly, which can process more than 10 tons per hour, is the highest-capacity grinder on the market. Saturn's Grizzly grinder tire wire processing systems can also produce exceptionally clean, high-density tire wire.

Granutech-Saturn Systems’ line of grinders and granulators leads the market in performance, durability, and reliability. Our design and manufacturing staff has decades of experience in providing size-reduction solutions for a broad range of materials and applications and will provide you with a high-performance machine that will meet your precise size and production requirements.

Additionally, Saturn powderizers and refining mills can be integrated with the grinders and granulators to produce a custom, high-performance tire recycling system to process your scrap rubber and tires. See our Recycling Systems page for more details.

Rubber Grinders and Granulators Benefits

At Granutech Systems, our rubber grinders and rubber granulators are designed specifically to fit the needs of the industrial rubber recycling industry. Here are some of the advantages of our Saturn Grizzly models:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Unique rotor construction
  • Minimized blade cost
  • Heavy-duty gear reducer
  • Improved performance of downstream equipment
  • Proprietary staggered design

Why mid-stream processing?

The smaller, more uniform material produced by the Saturn series of grinders and granulators offers improved performance of downstream equipment, or in many cases, replaces such equipment altogether. The Saturn Grizzly grinders and granulators improve performance, reduce granulator wear, and improves throughputs.

Taking material down to a uniform size also improves magnetic separation capability. The results of that improvement are a rubber product that is consistently better than 95% free of all steel and an enhanced level of granulator efficiency. Granulator blade life, by nature of the cleaner material being fed to it, has been shown to increase by as much as 300%.

Saturn Grizzly M-80

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The Grizzly size-reduction system utilizes a cutting-edge single rotor design. Learn More »

Saturn Grizzly Super 80

Saturn Grizzly Super 80 »

A world class grinder that provides efficient, high performance size-reduction for processing scrap. Learn More »

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