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Other Industrial Material Shredding, Recycling & Handling Applications

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Our versatile product line handles a myriad of other recycling and material handling applications, including:

  • Military "in-field" equipment recycling (munitions)

  • Secure product destruction

  • Document destruction

  • Medical waste

  • Bulky waste

  • Construction and Demolition (C&D)

  • Textiles

  • BioMass – wood, pyrolysis/gasification

  • And more...

If you don’t see your application here, please contact us and we will discuss a custom test with your material to recommend a tailored solution for your business.

Product Solutions

Recycling Systems

Incorporating shredders, granulators and refiner mills/powderizers

Recycling Systems

Convert whole scrap tire into high quality crumb rubber with Granutech’s tire granulation systems. Our complete processing systems have a proven track record of providing the cleanest crumb rubber in the industry, with precise sizing control and the widest range of output sizes available. Our custom designs use a variety of conveying and processing technologies to minimize product loss, increase productivity and maintain a clean operating environment. Our crumb rubber systems can generate crumb rubber in the size required for your recycling product, whether it is coarse rubber for playgrounds or finer crumb for artificial turf.

Visit our Recycling Systems page for full details on 2, 3, and 4 stage systems! Learn More »

Saturn® Grizzly Super 80

10 tons per hour

Saturn Grizzly Super 80

The Grizzly separates rubber and steel during processing while producing incredibly clean rubber. Our unique single-rotor design provides efficient size reduction. Adjustable screen sizes provide flexibility in the final product size, with ranges from 1/2" minus to 1-inch minus, or larger. By producing smaller, more consistent material, the Grizzly improves the performance of downstream equipment, or can replace it entirely. With consistent sizing of the rubber, the resulting rubber is an economic material for use in molding and extruding processes. Learn More »

Saturn® Powderizers

Saturn Powderizers

Using wire-free 1/4" tire chips, Granutech’s Powderizers can produce output sizes from 5/32 to 30 mesh, depending on screen size. They are high output machinery, with rates ranging from 12 pounds per minute to 30 pounds per minute, depending on the screen selection and final output size. Powderized rubber is used for molded and extruded parts. Learn More »

Saturn® Refiner Mills

Granutech Grizzly

Our next generation G-4X mill features higher processing speeds of 3 tons per hour and can produce 10 mesh through 80 mesh rubber powder using clean stock from granulator or Powderizer systems, further refining the rubber for high quality rubber material. In addition, the sealed roller bearing design eliminates the need for continuous lubrication, saving up to $25,000 a year in consumables—and reduced energy consumption due to more efficient operation.

Recycling scrap tires requires machinery that can efficiently produce clean rubber in the size that is required for the intended use of the recycled material. Granutech has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the custom solutions to meet your application requirements, allowing you to efficiently and cost-effectively recycle tires. Learn More »

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