Saturn G-4X Industrial Refiner Mills

Saturn® G-4X Industrial Refiner Mill

Saturn logoGranutech Saturn Systems designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced industrial refiner mills in the industry, achieving capacities up to 50% greater than traditional mills. 

Our next generation Saturn G-4X Refiner Mill is the largest refiner mill to feature a ‘grease-free’ sealed roller bearing design, featuring  a unique twin drive construction that produces powder ranging from 10 mesh to 80 mesh (2 mm to .12mm).   The  new   design enables the Saturn G-4X mill the ability to hold the rolls at much closer tolerances (up to 400% closer than traditional bushing designs) , which translates to finer powder at higher capacity (3 tons per hour).  In addition, the sealed barrel design eliminates the need for continuous lubricant, resulting in significant operational & consumables savings and less energy used for external cooling.  The G-4X mill can be seamlessly integrated with your existing equipment including other Granutech-Saturn  machines, providing advanced size reduction for your rubber recycling applications.

Key benefits include:

  • FINER POWDER –10 mesh down to 80 mesh
  • HIGHER CAPACITY and 25% greater throughput -3 tons per hour - plus, more efficient and reliable operation than traditional bushing design mill
  • 400% TIGHTER TOLERANCES  (gap/nip clearance) than traditional bushing design mills for finer granulate powder
  • VIRTUALLY GREASE FREE OPERATION – Sealed bearing design eliminates need for continuous greasing  —No grease pump or barrels of grease required  – savings average  $100,000  per year due to lessened grease application, over traditional bushing design competitive mill designs
  • ENERGY SAVINGS -- Reduced bearing temperature= reduced cooling– translates to energy savings in reduced need for cooling

Our high performance G-4X refiner mills produce exceptionally clean, fine rubber powder to your exact size requirements, supplying rubber powder ready for use in a variety of markets, especially asphalt paving applications. Whether you are processing rubber granulate, rubber scrap or buffings, our refiner mills will produce fine rubber powder at exceptionally high capacity.


Features of our G-4X refiner mills include:

  • Unique roll corrugations
  • Specialized VFD state-of-the-art control systems
  • Precision roller bearings on rolls
  • Field upgrades available on existing legacy G-4 models

G-4X mills are installed around the world, and are a testament to their superb performance and high reliability.

Our design and manufacturing staff has decades of experience in providing size reduction solutions for rubber and rubber products and will provide you with a high performance mill that will meet all your specific application and processing requirements.


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g4x refiner mill sealed bearing design on G4X mill

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