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Industrial Recycling System Products

Granutech-Saturn Systems has a world class product offering of high-quality, innovative recycling system equipment that includes Saturn® brand shredders, grinders and granulators, powderizers and refiner mills, and MAC® flatteners and crushers, and high density loggers/balers for auto and scrap metal recycling.

The company produces standard models and will customize and configure models by using its on-site custom engineering, design, and fabrication to deliver the ultimate in application specific configurations for a variety of needs. Explore our product offering below and see what has made Granutech-Saturn the manufacturer of choice for high reliability.

Industrial Shredders & Hammermills

Industrial Shredders & Hammermills »

Varied options including single, dual, and quad-shaft, with standard or hybrid-drive mechanisms. Learn More »


Balers »

Our MAC brand crushers, have been around for more than 40 years, now complemented by next generation loggers and balers. Learn More »

Grinders & Granulators

Grinders & Granulators »

Nothing beats our Saturn Grizzly Super 80 granulator- at over 10 tons per hour. A variety of other models are also available. Learn More »

Powderizers & Refiner Mills

Powderizers & Refiner Mills »

Our industry-leading powderizers and refiner mills excel at producing high quality rubber granulate and powder from scrap or tires and can complete your 3- or 4-stage system. Learn More »

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