MAC 5200 Baler

MAC® 5200 Metal Baler

Powerful Solutions In Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Baling

The Workhorse

Mac logoDeveloped for high density baling of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, MAC’s Model 5200 excels in a broad range of materials including loose steel sheet, clips and trim stock. A real workhorse, the Model 5200 features both a shear head compressed ram and side compressed ram, and is capable of producing bales measuring 16-inches square by variable lengths at a rate of 55-60 per hour. Bale densities vary according to material but average 165 lb./cu. ft. for ferrous material and 50-65 lb./cu. ft. for aluminum.

User-Friendly Baling

Designed for ease of use, the MAC Model 5200 offers both semi- and full-automatic operating modes. Built to withstand the rigors of metal baling operations, all surfaces which come in contact with material are lined with wear plates of abrasion-resistant, high-alloy steel. As with all MAC equipment, mobile models are available.

Reduced Pre-Processing

Oversized material is first downsized by a shear ram capable of producing a force in excess of 380 tons. Doing so eliminates the need for most pre-processing, thereby further streamlining scrap processing operations and improving overall capacity.


MAC 5200 Industrial Metal BalerMAC 5200 Industrial Metal Baler

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