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White Goods Recycling

White Good Shredding & Recycling

Granutech Saturn Systems designs and manufactures white goods recycling and shredding systems capable of sorting the ferrous fraction from the fluff and can equip these with eddy current and other finder technology to sort aluminum, stainless, and other recoverable metals.

Our hammermills, and Saturn dual-shaft and quad-shaft shredders provide efficient and reliable size reduction of white goods such as household appliances and computers, with their alloy steel or manganese wear parts. They are ideally suited for both light ferrous and many non-ferrous applications, including cost, extrusion, sheet and much more.  Saturn white goods shredders and home appliances recycling equipment can also process loose tin and auto parts.

Our solutions feature:

  • Choice of Saturn hammermill, dual-shaft and quad-shaft shredders
  • 50 – 1250 HP electric or hydraulic drives
  • Rolls from 2-20 TPH
  • Eddy cement card finders for non-ferrous metals sorting
  • Screens and magnets to sort metals after shredding

Recommended product solutions include:


Granutech-Saturn’s hammermill products started with the acquisition in 2015 of Magnatech Engineering formerly located in Tonganoxie, Kansas. With a complete line of stationary hammermills in sizes ranging from 36 inch to 72 inch rotor diameter, and hundreds of installations in North America. The Magnatech product line is known for durability and reliability. Granutech-Saturn, with our extensive manufacturing capabilities located in Grand Prairie, Texas, will continue to provide parts and service for existing Magnatech hammermills for years to come.

Saturn Dual Shredder

For over 40 years, Saturn dual-shaft shredders have been the market choice for recycling industries. These rugged industrial shredders can handle a wide variety of materials and are ideal for challenging applications that require a broad range of product output sizes. Now available with our exclusive, patent pending Hybrid-Drive mechanism, the product is even more flexible and bridges the gap between electrical and hydraulic designs. Our dual-shaft shredders are well-suited to stand alone operation or can be used for pre-shredding for further downstream processing.

Saturn Quad-Shaft Shredder

Granutech-Saturn Systems' designs extend to our unique rugged quad-shaft industrial shredders for applications that require uniform size reduction. Granutech’s quad-shaft Saturn shredders lead the market in performance, durability and reliability in evolving applications. Saturn industrial shredders can work with a broad range of materials and Granutech can also custom-design and configure a shredder that will meet your exact material and output requirements.

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