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Industrial Turnkey Tire Recycling Systems

Granutech –Saturn Systems is a world leading turnkey developer of tire and industrial recycling systems, from 2-stage to 3-stage and 4-stage, comprising the full offering of recycling machines including shredders, grinders and granulators, powderizers, and refiner mills.

As a complete system provider, Granutech-Saturn Systems brings you:

  • Leading edge, best-in-class tire recycling technology in an integrated system level solution
  • More than two decades’ proven experience and customer satisfaction in systems design, development and supply 
  • Highest capacity systems with flexibility to process all tire types (OTR, truck, auto, farm, and more)
  • Modular designs to allow expansion as markets dictate
  • Extremely durable – highly reliable – high duty cycle machinery designs

Our systems deliver unmatched results in tire processing, including: 

  • Exceptionally clean crumb rubber even from auto tires (this is important as other suppliers request truck tire feed to make clean crumb as it has less fiber)
  • Smallest powder from an ambient grind system, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, and smaller!
  • Highly automated controls for maximum machinery performance and monitoring
  • Tight crumb rubber blend technology to meet stringent client requirements

Your system options include:

  • 2-stage system -- reduces whole tires to steel free mulch material or a low steel fuel quality material. This system solution would typically be comprised of the Saturn Shredder series (dual or quad shaft) plus a grinder (Saturn Grizzly Series- M80 or S80 models). 
  • 3-stage system -- 2-stage system plus a granulator or a refiner mill. For .5-3mm material output, you would add a Saturn G-4X Refiner Mill.  
  • 4-stage system -- would reduce all material to 1-3mm if with the addition of a Granutech Powderizer, or all under 1mm with the Saturn G-4X refiner mill.

4-Stage System recycling plant

How We Assess Your Needs

Let Granutech-Saturn Systems come to your operation to assess your need, materials being processed, staging, and existing equipment. We can either provide a turnkey solution- or complement equipment solutions you already have in place.

Granutech Turnkey Solutions Brochure

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