Big MAC Auto Flattener

Big MAC® Auto Crushers & Flatteners

"Big" Reliability

Mac logo Widely recognized as the industry standard, "Big MAC" flatteners combine high performance and low maintenance characteristics in a mobile auto crusher. The result is an unparalleled record for equipment performance: more than 90% of all "Big MAC" flatteners ever made are still at work, with machines built in the 70’s still in operation today.

Featuring heavy duty “quick-set-up” hydraulic cylinders that can be quickly and easily raised for operation or lowered for travel, the "Big MAC" flattener meets the needs of today's mobile scrap processor. Offering a wide, opening for easier loading and larger capacities, the "Big MAC" is built to perform. Multiple automobiles can be easily compacted into dense bundles, reducing both onsite storage demands and transportation costs. Our standard hydraulic landing gear also speeds setup, while a range of available 173 HP diesel engines — including John Deere and Cummins — affords an unparalleled degree of choice and versatility.

Remote Operation

Remote operational capability, a standard feature, lowers operational costs by allowing one person to load and operate the crusher. In addition, removing workers from the immediate processing area improves onsite safety.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Remote control and operation
  • Quick setup design
  • Air compressor
  • Waste oil collection tanks
  • 6 cylinder Tier III engine
  • 6" cylinder rods
  • Hydraulic landing gear
  • Heavy duty push bumper

Big Mac Auto Flattener Mobile Auto Crusher

automobile crusher Big MAC Auto Flattener

Improved Potential

Designed for economical operation, the stationary BIG MAC flattener can positively impact even smaller scrap processing facilities. Higher income potential can be realized by flattening at ideal times, stacking crushed autos to better utilize available yard space, expanding buying potential, taking additional time for engine and parts recovery, and selling at times of higher prices.

MAC Series Product Brochure

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