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Automobile Crushers

Automobile Crushers, Loggers & Balers

Automobile Crushers, Loggers, & Balers featuring MAC® crushers, loggers, and balers, leading the industry for nearly 50 years.

Our models of car crusher equiment and car balers include:

MAC 5200 Baler

Developed for high density baling of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, MAC’s Model 5200 excels in a broad range of materials including loose steel sheet, clips and trim stock. A real workhorse, the Model 5200 features both a shear head compressed ram and side compressed ram, and is capable of producing bales measuring 16-inches square by variable lengths at a rate of 55-60 per hour. Bale densities vary according to material but average 165 lb./cu. ft. for ferrous material and 50-65 lb./cu. ft. for aluminum.

BIG MAC Crusher

Widely recognized as the industry standard, "Big MAC" flatteners combine high performance and low maintenance characteristics in a mobile auto crusher. The result is an unparalleled record for equipment performance: more than 90% of all "Big MAC" flatteners ever made are still at work, with machines built in the 70’s still in operation today.


The MAC MAGNUM Logger is ideal for automotive recycling applications requiring a rugged, dependable machine. The MAC MAGNUM's continuous-rotation crane has the longest, strongest reach of any logger/baler in the industry and it can handle a load capacity of 5,800 pounds at full reach. Equipped with a plus-size high-production chamber, the MAC MAGNUM also offers variable density options, and variable length log/bales sized 40" x 26". For added flexibility, the cab features an IQAN™ control system.

Custom MACs

We offer custom designs to meet your specific application requirements. Our engineers will work with you to design a flattener that will meet your processing needs, and will ensure that you will have the same high quality product you expect from Granutech.

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