Key Cutting and Milling Services

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Our facility is equipped with a combination of large key seaters and long X-travel mills for precision keying on the ID or OD of large turned parts and shafts.

Our complete Key Cutting and Milling capabilities include:

  • Precision tolerances to your specifications
  • Materials including carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze alloys, cast iron, nickel alloys, and plastics
  • In-house design and fabrication of custom fixturing
  • Tooling for multiple keyway cutting
  • New part prototyping and replacement part reverse engineering
  • Material can be provided by you or sourced by us

Our Key Cutting and Milling Equipment List:

#4A Mitts & Myrell 4" wide 36" long
#3A Mitts & Myrell 2" wide 24" long
D.C. Morrison 1" wide 8" long
Sundstrand HBM X=138"  
Gilbert 6" HBM X=135"  
Summit 5" HBM X=120"  

We provide precision key cutting and milling services for many products including shafts, gears, flanges, seal protectors, machine bases, bushings, gearboxes and electric motor shafts.

MAC Machine & Gear is uniquely qualified to manufacture your large parts.  Contact us today to discuss your Key Cutting and Milling project with MAC Machine & Gear’s experts.