Horizontal Boring Mill Services

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Our facility is equipped with a combination of large CNC and manual Horizontal Boring Mills designed for precision Boring of large parts.

Our complete Horizontal Boring Mill capabilities include:

  • Precision tolerances to your specifications
  • Materials including carbon, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel alloys, cast iron, and plastics
  • In-house design and fabrication of custom fixturing
  • New part prototyping and reverse engineering of replacement parts
  • Material can be provided by you or sourced by us

Our Horizontal Boring Mill Equipment List:

Gilbert 6" X=135" Y=70" W=50" Z=35"
Summit 5" X=120" Y=60" W=47" Z=30"
Kearney & Trecker X=43" Y=34"   Z=31"
Summit 4" X=72" Y=60" W=50" Z=36"
Summit 4" X=90" Y=60" W=50" Z=36"
Summit 4" X=82" Y=60" W=50" Z=36"
Summit 4" X=72" Y=60" W=36" Z=36"
Summit 4" X=72" Y=60" W=36" Z=36"
Sundstrand X=138" Y=40" W=30"  
Sacem 4" X=67" Y=47" W=53" Z=31"
Haas Twin Pallet X=24" Y=20"   Z=20"

Our Vertical Machining Center List:

Haas VF 4 X=50" Y=20" Z=20"
Leadwell MCV X=40" Y+20" Z=20"

We provide precision Boring services for many products, including shafts, large valves, gear boxes, mud pumps, injector head skates, flanges, jig boring, hydraulic manifolds, machine repair work, line boring, robot bases, motion products, guide bushings, cold chamber inserts, platens, die plates, risers, skids.

MAC Machine & Gear is uniquely qualified to manufacture your large part. Contact us today to discuss your Boring project with MAC Machine & Gear’s experts.