MAC® MAGNUM Automobile Logger

Mac Magnum LogoThe MAC MAGNUM Logger is ideal for automotive recycling applications requiring a rugged, dependable machine. The MAC MAGNUM's continuous-rotation crane has the longest, strongest reach of any logger/baler in the industry and it can handle a load capacity of 5,800 pounds at full reach. Equipped with a plus-size high-production chamber, the MAC MAGNUM also offers variable density options, and variable length log/bales sized 40" x 26". For added flexibility, the cab features an IQAN™ control system. Feature highlights are summarized below:

  • Chamber Size: 20 feet
  • Crane Reach: 27 ft 4 in
  • Load Capacity: 5,800 lbs at full reach
  • Log/Bale Output Size: 40" × 26" × variable length
  • Density Options: 25-80 lbs per foot
  • Applications:
  • Other Features:
    • Continuous rotation crane
    • Large Cab interior with in-cab IQAN™ control system
    • Manual or semi-automatic modes

See our datasheet for complete specifications list.

Note: MAC and MAGNUM are registered and pending trademarks of Granutech-Saturn Systems. IQAN is a trademark of others and does not belong to Granutech-Saturn Systems


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MAC MAGNUM Datasheet

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