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Saturn G-3 Granulator

Saturn® G-3 Rubber Granulator

Saturn logoThe Saturn G-3 granulator is a dedicated tire processing rubber granulator that excels at producing high quality granulate down to -1/4” mesh. at an output capacity of three to four tons per hour.

  • 200HP motor
  • Heavy duty steel housing
  • Solid one-piece rotor
  • Heat treated tool steel screens
  • Unique knife design with eight wear edges.

Our design and manufacturing staff has decades of experience in providing size reduction solutions for a broad range of materials and applications and will provide you with a high performance granulator that will meet all your specific application and processing requirements.

Granutech G-3 Granulator  Rubber Granulator Machine

Granulator Machine  Saturn G-3 Granulator

Saturn G-3 Granulator Datasheet

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