Industrial Rubber Shredders

Granutech Saturn Systems has over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing world-class shredders for industrial rubber scrap.   We have consistently been in the forefront of developing machinery to provide high quality rubber crumb from rubber and tire scrap.  Whether your application is processing remainders from rubber molding, shredding rubber scrap or shredding tires, we have the expertise to design a custom solution that meets your exact application and processing requirements.

Our line of Granutech shredders, granulators and refining mills are all industry leaders in efficiency, durability and reliability. Our line includes:

Saturn Rotary Shear Shredder

Saturn dual shaft rotary shear shredders are used as the first stage of reduction in tire processing where whole tires are processed into shreds or chips. The Quad Shaft shredder can be used when a specific sized product is required.

Saturn Single Shaft Roto-Grind

The Roto-Grind is used to reduce industrial rubber scrap with no steel to a specific size in a single step. Using a cycling ram, material is delivered to the rotor for shredding.  An integrated screen behind the rotor allows sized material to pass and feeds oversized material back into the shredding chamber.

Granutech Grizzly

Granutech Grizzly

The Grizzly separates rubber and steel during processing while producing incredibly clean rubber.  Our unique single-rotor design provides efficient size reduction.  Adjustable screen sizes provide flexibility in the final product size, with ranges from 1/2" minus to 1-inch minus, or larger. By producing smaller, more consistent material, the Grizzly improves the performance of downstream equipment, or can replace it entirely. The Grizzly uses magnetic separation, which is more effective with smaller sizes, producing material that is consistently better than 95% free of all steel. This results in improved efficiency for the downstream granulators and increased blade life of up to 300%.

Granutech Crumb Rubber Systems

Granutech Crumb Rubber Systems

Convert scrap rubber, rubber remainders and whole scrap tires into high quality crumb rubber with Granutech’s crumb rubber systems. Our complete processing systems have a proven track record of providing the cleanest crumb rubber in the industry, with precise sizing control and the widest range of output sizes available. Our unique design, coupled with the materials used in the granulators, ensure long machine life, minimum production downtime and consistent and high quality rubber crumb. Granutech’s custom designs use a variety of conveying and processing technologies to minimize product loss, increase productivity and maintain a clean operating environment.

Granutech G-3 Granulator

Granutech Grizzly

The G-3 granulator produces a minus 1/4" product for various applications or as feedstock for further processing. Using very low steel (<5%) 3/4” tire chips, the granulator can produce approximately 6,000 pounds per hour.

Granutech Powderizers

Granutech Grizzly

Granutech Powderizers produce material from 6 mesh to 30 mesh, using ¼” granulate as feed.  Using a controlled feed device, our high performance Powderizers can generate output rates between 12 lbs./minute and 30 lbs./minute, depending on screen size.

Granutech Refiner Mills

Granutech Grizzly

Granutech Refiner Mills produce powder ranging from 10 mesh to 80 mesh (2000 micron to 200 micron) for extremely fine materials. Inputs ranging from 3/8” to 1/8” nominal are processed quickly and precisely in our high output cracker mills.

Our line of custom shredders, granulators and Powderizers lead the market in performance, durability and reliability. With decades of experience, our staff understands your application, whether you are processing rubber remainders for re-use in molding, shredding rubber scrap for recycling or processing tire scrap for re-use as recycled products. We will design a system for you that will meet your exact processing requirements.

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