Grizzly Granulator

Industrial Rubber Granulator

The Granutech Grizzly is a size reduction system utilizing a state-of-the-art single rotor design. This durable industrial rubber granulator is easy to maintain and provides incredibly clean rubber and separated steel when processing tires. The Grizzly's unique rotor construction and proprietary blade material allow the greatest size reduction for your materials while minimizing blade wear.

The Grizzly can be configured, through adjustment in screen size, to create product in 1/2" minus, 3/4" minus, 1 inch-minus or larger sizes. The Grizzly's massive rotor is 34" in diameter and supported by double row spherical roller bearings. Available with either a 300hp or 400hp drive motor and an 80" (model 80) or 96" (model 96) wide cutting chamber, both models utilize rotary and stationary cutting knives with the rotor incorporating a proprietary staggered-knife design. The Grizzly is powered by a TEFC electric motor and heavy duty gear reducer.

Why mid-stream processing?

The smaller, more uniform material the Grizzly offers improved performance of downstream equipment, or, in many cases, replaces such equipment altogether. The Grizzly improves performance, reduces granulator wear and improves throughputs.

Taking material down to a uniform size also improves magnetic separation capability. The results of that improvement are a rubber product that is consistently better than 95% free of all steel and an enhanced level of granulator efficiency. Granulator blade life, by nature of the cleaner material being fed to it, has been shown to increase by as much as 300%.

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